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Textile Décor

Textile Décor

A special place in the interior is textile decor. It helps to create a complete finished image, to emphasize the taste of the owner and to fill the house with home comfort and warmth. That is why the specialists of our architectural and design bureau attach great importance to the textile design of the apartments.

What is meant by textile decor?

Curtains and decorative pillows, upholstery and covers for upholstered furniture, carpets and bedspreads, tablecloths and napkins are all elements of the textile interior decor. Here you can also include cloth panels, classic story tapestries and batik, designed to decorate the decoration of elite houses and apartments. A separate group consists of cloth and leather wallpaper and materials for upholstery. In other words, under the textile decor of the house means interior items, based on the interlacing of threads.

Why should we trust textile design for us?

One of the key areas of activity of our architectural and design bureau is textile decor, in Moscow we have decorated many residential properties. To evaluate the quality of work, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the photos in the section "Projects". The treatment in our studio of textile decor is a guarantee of an irreproachable result. And all because we:

  • Own own sewing production, due to which the services of textile decoration include the sale of any of its elements, from sewing curtains, to restoring soft furniture;
  • We regularly attend specialized exhibitions and personally participate in master classes in textile decor of apartments, which excludes the possibility of divergence of the sketch with the finished product;
  • We have a wonderful staff. Our employees are creative designers and talented tailors who can work with a variety of fabrics and successfully implement even the most unexpected design solutions.
  • We work in a comprehensive manner, which saves the customer's time. The cost of textile decoration services includes design development, sketch and project implementation.

Order a textile interior decor with us, and we will decorate your house with stylish original things!

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