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Interior Design

Interior Design

Architectural bureau Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design provides services of complex embodiment of interior design in Moscow and other cities. To achieve a truly practical, aesthetic and stylish design, you need special knowledge, great experience and delicate taste, which our experts fully possess. Also for an ideal result, two components of the ideal elite design are combined:

  • Technical design project of the cottage, apartments, houses, aircraft, yachts. It includes planning, a careful selection of finishing materials, installation of equipment, furniture and decor; Harmonious exclusive image, which embodies the expensive interior design.
  • The concept takes into account the peculiarities of style direction, coloristic design and composition rhythms.

Why do I need a design project?

The value of ordering professional interior design services in Moscow and other cities is much more than just getting rid of hassle. Experts of the architectural bureau will think over technological solutions and nuances, pick up finishing materials, textiles, furniture and decoration items, but will do so in order to transform the space into a complete, cozy, stylish interior that meets your expectations. Order a design project from us and get confidence in the professional execution of any task. Needless to say, at a cost we necessarily fit into the budget. At the price of interior design is not only luxury and glossiness, but also the absence of errors in the repair process, compliance with government safety standards, your personal perceptions of comfort and many other nuances.

How the service is performed?

The interior design project is the result of a consistent solution of a number of tasks. Their logical sequence is this:

  • Discussion with the client of stylistics, features of a lay-out and furniture arrangement. Minute details are important here, so dialogue with the customer necessarily precedes our work; Sketch of the idea.
  • The document reflects the main elements of the concept, including color, decoration materials, furniture arrangement, etc .;
  • Visualization of the project based on the sketch;
  • Development of a full set of estimates, diagrams, drawings, required for repairing the premium class and the implementation of a design idea.

Advantages of elite interior.

Among the projects executed by the architectural bureau, elite expensive interiors were especially impressive. But this is not just an impeccable and luxurious design project, but a careful approach to the organization of space with a whole style concept and a successful in terms of aesthetics, comfort and functionality planning. If you want to enjoy in full all the advantages of living comfort, order an interior design in Moscow or any other city and appreciate the professionalism of our specialists. We know how to rationally use every square meter, take care of a harmonious and actual combination of shades, textures, style unity and bright accents, filling the space with life and dynamics. The funds invested in the cost of the interior design project will be repaid by the comfort for each member of the family, the perfect design, the primacy of aesthetics and high status.

Why you should entrust the development of the project in the architectural bureau Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design?

  • With us, you can order a design interior design and pass on to our specialists the management of construction and installation works and the procurement of materials, the preparation of a package of project documentation, and subsequently use the services of service.
  • We are fluent in the skills of working with a variety of styles. You can choose the classics, minimalism, modern, boho, Scandinavian, as well as retro, country-oriented or eclectic design of the house. We follow the latest trends and successfully apply fresh trends along with proven solutions.
  • Our professionals work with any real estate, whether it be exclusive city apartments or cottages, and interior design projects from our office always correspond to the customer's notions of beauty, functionality and coziness. We strive to realize the most exacting wishes, carefully considering every detail. Thus, the price of the design project pays off thanks to an integrated approach.
  • In addition, premium services can be enjoyable from one side. By contacting our office, you receive special prices for interior design. They are possible due to the productive cooperation of our company with leading manufacturers of premium furniture, finishing materials and accessories.

To order interior design, get information on the cost of services individually and the full price of a design project at home, cottage or apartment, contact the experts of the architectural bureau through the application form.

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