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Construction Consulting

Construction Consulting

Along with architectural and decorative design, complete integration and implementation of private and public projects in Russia and abroad, Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design provides consulting services in the construction industry. It should be noted that for an effective implementation of even a small project, an integrated approach is important. Not the least role is played by the professional advice of the architect on the construction of the house. Our technical customer service offers a clear program for the implementation of the project, which includes blocks of activities corresponding to the preparatory and active stage.

What is important to know about the preparatory stage?

Construction advice includes an assessment of the reality of the project. We consider such parameters as: the time frame available to the budget, as well as selected executors who will implement the project. Consulting in construction includes:

  1. Verification of project documentation.
  2. Verification of the regulatory and legal component (taking into account the location of the construction site).
  3. Organization of a tender for construction. We are talking about the selection of contractors: engineers, builders, suppliers.
  4. Planning of construction and installation works (construction and installation work):
  • Drafting of the project budget; Approval of the SMR schedule;
  • Scheduling of financing; Proposals for possible optimization of project implementation costs;
  • Preparation, as well as conclusion of contracts for construction and installation works (at the most favorable conditions for the Customer).

Consultations in the field of construction: what is important to know about the stage of the project?

  1. Technical supervision of the project implementation is carried out. Author's supervision is carried out (in case of the order of designing in the bureau "Olga Kushnareva-Leone., Architecture & Design").
  2. Control over compliance with the M & E schedule.
  3. Control for conformity of work to quality standards.
  4. Providing the Customer with detailed reports on the agreed schedule and sample.
  5. The document includes photos and video materials, as well as acts of completed work.
  6. Providing the Customer with the opportunity to monitor the progress of the project on-line.
  7. Personal estimate and technical consultant for the facility.

Advantages of advice on building a house.

Construction is a complex process that requires multidisciplinary knowledge that customers who do not have any relation to this sphere do not possess and should not have. It is necessary only competent consultation of the expert in construction. We recommend to entrust this task to experienced specialists. Over the shoulders of our architects, engineers, managers and designers is not only knowledge, but also a colossal experience. In our piggy bank:

  • Successfully implemented projects of houses up to 2 000 m2 (design and construction).
  • Successfully implemented design projects up to 6 000 m2 (design and implementation).
  • Classical landscape projects (introduction of complex irrigation systems, park ensembles, decorative reservoirs).
  • Complex architectural forms and structures (multi-meter pools, health-improving complexes, sports and gaming facilities, wrought iron arbors, rotundas, volumetric stained-glass domes and much more).

After agreeing with us the budget, as well as the construction schedule, the Customer can no longer worry about the project. His presence may be necessary only for signing documents at the time of delivery of the facility. On behalf of the client, we completely supervise the construction process. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that construction consulting does not imply a complete removal of the client from the entire construction process. The customer is constantly informed about the progress of the project.

Subject to the client's compliance with the financing schedule, there will be no delays in the construction phases. We want to note that we have experience of participation in the implementation of the construction of large state objects. Therefore, we have mastered the highest standards of project documentation.

All checks are carried out quickly and qualitatively, without making adjustments to the schedule of work of builders and other specialists.

We also have experience in accepting objects. We are familiar with all the subtleties of this process. The whole process of implementing the object is as transparent as possible. The customer is well-oriented in the local market of services. Only the right decisions are made.

In addition, we offer our customers the best combination of price and quality, as we have a proven base of contractors in various construction fields.

Another important point is the advocacy of the Customer's interests in the legal field of the country. Behind us is a considerable experience of cooperation with lawyers of Russia, Europe, and also Great Britain. For example, in London, there are extremely rare problems that are associated with safety standards, timing, quality of work. What we really often encounter is the attempts to go beyond the agreed budget. Contractors often operate with vague wording and try to find advantageous loopholes in legal agreements.

As for the nuances of construction in Spain and France, there are often cases of problems with the quality of construction and violation of deadlines.

Looking for advice on construction? We recommend you to order the service from us.

We do not give empty promises, but effectively manage the construction process! We have reasonable prices for consultations in construction. The services are provided only by experienced specialists.

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