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Butler Services

Butler Services

We provide the highest level of service to support the already implemented projects and the implementation of new interior solutions for the projects under construction.

For what we undertake?

The range of our services covers:

  • Manufacturing of joiner's products, their assembly and painting;
  • Performance of installation works;
  • Restoration and upholstery of old furniture;
  • Decoration of walls (decorative panels, columns) with leather and cloth;
  • Installation and connection of equipment.

Why is it better to choose us?

  • Our company has an impeccable reputation, which is due to the high professionalism of our employees. They with equal success perform the work of any complexity, from hanging mirrors and installing soap dishes to mounting kitchen sets.
  • Unlike many service departments, we work with fabrics and carry out not only sewing textile decor elements, but also specialize in upholstery of walls with skin and fabrics. Our masters have carried out many projects, in which the most delicate lace and silk were used as a basis.
  • We take responsibility for performing such complex works as the restoration of antique furniture. Our specialists have a wide variety of techniques for restoring and preserving antique interior items - cleverly removes chips and scratches, compensates for missing elements and covers products with fresh paint.
  • Our competence includes the tightening and upholstery of old sofas and armchairs with the use of high-quality fabrics and modern filler.

Use the services of Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design, and we will help you to realize any interior solutions.

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