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Architectural Design

Architectural Design

What do architectural design services include? The specialists of Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design do a serious job to get a high-quality project in all respects. Architectural design is carried out in several stages:

1.Preparatory stage

Together with the client, a technical task is prepared, which describes all the wishes related to the style concept of the house, lists the necessary premises and engineering systems, functional requirements and technical equipment.

2.The outline stage

At this stage of individual architectural design, planning solutions are developed. The sketch reflects the features of the layout, the conventional arrangement of furniture, the facades are worked through, cuts and pegs to the terrain.

3.Working documentation

At this stage, the services for architectural design include the implementation of accurate calculations, the introduction of accompanying information in the drawings and the rationale for design decisions. Plans for ventilation, air conditioning, sewerage, water supply and other life support systems are being developed. Author's supervision The cost of the architectural project also includes the services of a professional in supervision of construction and installation of equipment, engineering systems, furniture and lighting.

Why is it important to order an architectural project?

To satisfy the final result, entrust the architectural design of the bureau, which chose this direction as its main activity - Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design. Our company employs highly qualified specialists who understand the regulatory requirements and requirements, the current trends in design and features of objects of different focus. The project executed by the employees of the architectural bureau will help you to avoid financial expenses for "spontaneous-spontaneous" construction and save your personal time.

Why should we entrust architectural design to us?

Olga Kushnareva-Leone Architecture & Design has been engaged in architectural design for more than 10 years in Moscow, in other large cities of Russia and abroad. By trusting the development of the project for us, you will get a result that will satisfy you 100%, and that's why: We have vast experience in the field of design - over 300 successfully completed works, including projects of apartments, country houses, estates, yachts, villas and airplanes. We offer a range of services: the development of design and architectural solutions, preparation of documentation, construction and construction works, the supply of furniture and materials, and maintenance. We focus on exclusivity. To see photos of the realized architectural projects in Moscow and other objects you can in section "Projects". We provide services in the "premium" segment, which means a high level of work at all stages. We implement projects in a variety of styles - in the aesthetics of English classics, modern, modern, high-tech and other styles. Order an architectural project with us, and very soon you will find the house of your dreams!

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